Those three blogs (how computer...., computer assembly, and virtual laptop) are my basic computer assignments actually. I don't have something new or interesting to post in my blog.

Well, this week is my midterm tests. Yesterday, i did my calculus test, and I'm sure the result is gonna be very very bad (damn it!). And for today, I did my engineering drawing test well. It's not too hard, hehe.

Ok, on saturday, I'm not gonna join the "pelantikan MBUI angkatan 36", ya it's because of I have another event with all my friends and seniors in puncak. Wish I get some nice experience there..

Today’s Review: Computer Assembly

Today, in basic computer class, our lecturer, who is Mr. Salman didn’t come to our class because he was going to another city. So, his lecturer assistants were ther to taught us about basic computer. They were 3 of them. When they come to the class, they brought an opened CPU. So, I was guessing that we would learn about the CPU.

They asked us to opened a link which is http://cna.ee.ui.ac.id/protdoc. In that website, there are many chapter, and we have to opened chapter 3, which is about “Computer Assembly”. We would learn about how to install the computer components.

First, we learned about the introduction. Assembling computers is a large part of a technician’s job. As a technician, you will need to work in a logical, methodical manner when working with computer components. As with any learned trade, computer assembly skills will improve dramatically with practice.

Then, we have to know how to open the case. There are different methods for opening cases. To learn how to open a particular computer case, consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website. Most computer cases are opened in one of the following ways:

  • The computer case cover can be removed as one piece.
  • The top and side panels of the case can be removed.
  • The top of the case may need to be removed before the side panels can be removed. And then we have to install the power supply.

And then, we have to install the power supply. A technician may be required to replace or install a power supply. Most power supplies can only fit one way in the computer case. There are usually three or four screws that attach the power supply to the case. Power supplies have fans that can vibrate and loosen screws that are not secured. When installing a power supply, make sure that all of the screws are used and that they are properly tightened.

After that, we have to attach the components to the motherboard and install the motherboard. The components are CPU, RAM, and motherboard.

The CPU and motherboard are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. When handling a CPU and motherboard, make sure that you place them on a grounded antistatic mat. You should wear an antistatic wrist strap while working with these components.

The CPU is secured to the socket on the motherboard with a locking assembly. The CPU sockets today are ZIF sockets. You should be familiar with the locking assembly before attempting to install a CPU into the socket on the motherboard.

Thermal compound helps to keep the CPU cool. Figure 2 shows thermal compound being applied to the CPU.

When you are installing a used CPU, clean the CPU and the base of the heat sink with isopropyl alcohol. Doing this removes all traces of old thermal compound. The surfaces are now ready for a new layer of thermal compound. Follow all manufacturer recommendations about applying the thermal compound.

The last step is, install the RAM. Like the CPU and the heat sink/fan assembly, RAM is installed in the motherboard before the motherboard is secured in the computer case. Before you install a memory module, consult the motherboard documentation or website of the manufacturer to ensure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard. RAM provides temporary data storage for the CPU while the computer is operating. RAM is volatile memory, which means that its contents are lost when the computer is shut down. Typically, more RAM will enhance the performance of your computer.

The steps to install the RAM are:

  1. Align the notches on the RAM module to the keys in the slot and press down until the side tabs click into place.
  2. Make sure that the side tabs have locked the RAM module. Visually check for exposed contacts.

Those are all the steps how to install the computer components.

Today’s Review: Virtual Laptop

In virtual laptop, we learned the steps required to install specific components of the laptop, explore other components.

First, we learned about underside layer. The underside of the laptop gives you access to the battery, RAM, and the hard disk drive. You can also see the docking connector, the battery release lever, the battery latch, speakers, and the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) label. On the underside of the laptop, you will work with the following components:

  • Battery
  • RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive

Next is the top and side layer. The sides of the laptop have bays that allow you to install devices that increase the functionality of the laptop. You can install many different devices into the universal bay, including optical drives, hard disk drives, and extra batteries. You can install different types of cards into the PC card slots, including Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, modems, and memory card readers. On the top and sides of the laptop, you will work with the following components:

  • Optical Drive
  • PC Card

Then the third part is docking station layer. You use the docking station to quickly connect and use devices that are normally connected to desktop computers, including a mouse, a full-sized keyboard, and an external monitor. You can charge the laptop while it is connected to the docking station. The docking station also provides additional expansion ports, including USB ports, the PC Card slot and the ExpressCard slot. You can charge the laptop battery while it is connected to the docking station. On the docking station, you will work with the following components:

  • Laptop

And the last is external cables layers. There are many external cables layers. Power Cable, It is good practice to unplug the power cable before connecting any other cables. External cables connect the docking station to the monitor, mouse, keyboard, USB devices, Ethernet, and AC power.

In the external cables layer, you will work with the following components:

  • Monitor Cable
  • Keyboard Cable
  • Mouse Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Cable

That’s all about virtual laptop.

How Computer Changed Our Life

Computer is a device which used to process data based on the procedure that has been formulated. Computer has grown from generation to generation, so that we can conclude that many people have been using computer in many years before and computer also influenced us in our daily activities.

Everyday, almost all people in this world are using computer. We should thank Bill Gates that he is the one who made an operation system which called by “Microsoft Windows”, so computer could be very influential until now. He is one of the richest man in the world as well. At first, some of us only using it maybe just only for type some data in microsoft word, microsoft excel, or microsoft excel, playing games if we are bored, use the calculator, or doing anything that is very simple. But nowdays, with the developement of era, many modern technologies have benn showed up. One of the most imoprtant technology is internet. Internet is very related to computer. With internet we can found almost everything that we don’t know before.

Nowadays, people can’t live without computer. For the student like us, I suggested that we have to have our own computer or as known as notebook. Why? It is because of most of the time in the university are using computer. If we want to get the material for some subjects, we have to find it on the website that our lecturers gave and of course we have to use the internet. And sometimes, if we have some assignments, we have to upload it through the internet, and send it by e-mail. In daily activities, people use computer and internet for send some e-mails to relatives which is faster, cheaper and easier than using the old way which is send a letter that waste our time to write it by hand, go to the post office, put a seal on the envelope. With computer and the use of internet, we can do a social networking as well. There are lots of social networking websites that available for us, such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Messanger and many more. With those social networking websites, we could find our relatives that we haven’t met in many years, send photos, videos, chatting, and many more. There is a use of computer that important for a graphic or web designer. With computer, we can make some graphic designs that have to use with some program, such as Adobe Photoshop which have many series of it, Corel Draw, and many more. Many graphic designer made lots of cool designs with computer. Those are the reasons why people have to use computer to learn, work, and communicate.

Beside the importance of computer, there are some positive and negative impacts that related to our life. The positive impacts are people will be easily communicate to each other, work with assignments, sending e-mails, and many more that are very useful in our daily activities. The negative impacts are some people use the technology of computer and internet to hack someone’s website, or even worst is hack the security system of some companies that have a bad effects to those companies. Another impact is some people use the internet to look at bad websites (a website which people should be more than 17 years old to look at it or we shouldn’t look at it I think). The worst is, the people who look at those websites are people who still under 17 years old. That is very bad, because it could be giving a bad influnced to them. But, luckily there are a program that could block those bad websites, so they couldn’t look at those websites anymore. In this situation, parents are palying in a big role on this.

So, I hope in this growing era, we, the next generation people could use the computer well and know the positive and negative impacts that could be influenced us, beside the importance of how computer could change our life.


Ramadhan 2009

Well, I'm gonna tell a little story about this year's ramadhan..

Ramadhan tahun ini bener2 kurang nikmat buat gw dan mungkin juga temen2 gw yang seperjuangan sama gw di FTUI, yaa gak semua sih mungkin tapi ya apa yang gw rasain kurang nikmat aja..

Pertama-tama sih puasa alhamdulilah puasa lancar, karena emang masih libur, blm masuk kuliah di bulan puasa, tapi pas udah masuk kuliah, baru deh kerasa capeknya. Yaa, gimana gak capek, bayangin aja semua anak FTUI 2009 masih harus di ospek ato yang disebut "masa conditioning" yang emang berguna banget buat kita ke depannya nanti selama kuliah di UI.

Bayangin, tiap hari gw sama temen2 gw ngumpul jam 7 pagi, pulang sore dan dapet tugas berupa essay yang, yaaa bisa dibilang bnyak lah, dan kebanyakan pake bahasa inggris (yaiyalah, we're international students, gimana mau maju kalo pake bahasa indonesia terus??). Ok, it's some kind of process for us, and soon we'll get the result because of those exercise.. Udah gitu, karena gw ikut salah satu UKM yang ada di UI, yaitu marching band, ya otomatis itu juga menyita waktu lebih buat gw selama 10 hari itu, karena bakalan ada acara "Music Camp". 3 hari terakhir, latian sampe jam 8 malem, ah gila sumpah itu capek abis, sampe rumah gw mesti ngerjain tugas2 yang dikasih dari senior, dan kadang2 gw pun gak bisa sholat tarawih, even itu di masjid ato di rumah sendiri, karena emang gw capek banget, dan mesti begadang buat nyelesin tugas2 gw.

Pas hari-H (minggu) music camp, disuruh ngumpul jam 10 pagi di gymnasium UI, latian sampe jam 3, jam 4 tampil deh. Tiap dikasih waktu istirahat, pasti gw luangin waktu buat tidur, gatau kenapa gw lemes banget hari itu. yaudah pokoknya segitu music camp selesai, gw langsung minta izin karena gw mesti ngerjain tugas sama gw udah lama ga buka puasa dirumah sama keluarga gw!!

Pas gw lagi ngerjain tugas, gw tidur bentar dari jam 11 sampe jam 2 malem, dan pas bangun, anjriiit sumpah kepala gw pusing abis, serasa mau jatoh. Kepala gw sakit banget bangetan deh pokoknya. Abis itu gw sahur, mandi, siap2 kuliah, jam 6 gw berangkat (kayak orang kantoran yah? kakak gw aja sampe heran pergi pagi pulang malem). Pas mau pamit, gw pusing bgt, nyokap sama bokap nanyain gw kenapa, trus bokap nyadar kalo muka gw ada bintik2 gitu banyak, gw mah mikirnya itu cuma jerawat biasa. nyokap juga ngira gw panas, tapi tetep gw paksain kuliah.

Selama di kampus, gw bawaanya males, lemes, pucet, panas, dll. trus gw liat di tangan gw ada bintik2 juga, gw curiga kalo gw kena cacar, yaudah gw tanya aja sama Taufik yang abis kena cacar, dan dia bilang kalo gejalanya ya kyk gitu (!%&#%*!!). Pas solat dzuhur, makin banyak aja tuh di muka, dan akirnya gw telpon nyokap gw, minta jemput, dan gw bilang kalo kayaknya gw kena cacar.

Pas di mobil, nyokap gw kaget liat gw zzzz. trus langsung mau dibawa ke dokter, tapi ga sempet, jadinya besoknya gw ke dokter dan gw mesti dirawat. Yaudah deh, karena dirawat, gw gak puasa 9 hari-an kalo gak salah

Yaa, intinya puasa tahun ini bener2 kurang nikmat bagi gua, dan semoga aja tahun depan masih bisa ketemu Ramadhan dan bisa lebih baik lagi, amiin.